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Sometimes email just isn't secure enough, this is why to send a disappearing message. Over time, your data may sit in the receipient's inbox for years, and as security flaws become more pronounced, its a great way to skip the inbox with sensitive information
What is a Destructing Note? A Destructing Note is a note that is destroyed upon viewing. Once the link is visited, the note is gone forever.
Is it really secure? should be used mindfully, it is always best to send part of the note by a different means to ensure security of the message. For example, say you need to send a Social Security number to someone, but don't want to trust the recipient's inbox as a secure place for your confidential information to exist for a long time, its best to send part of it via email, and the rest with a Destructing Note. This ensures part of the message is destroyed after viewing.
Is free? is a free service that allows you to send a self-destructing note to anyone with a web browser. Useful for real estate transactions, tax purposes, family trust settlements, etc